Port of Lewiston fallout affects local businesses, April 8, 2015, KREM 2

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LEWISTON, Idaho –A shipping company’s decision to leave the Port of Portland in Oregon led to a major fallout across the Inland Northwest.

Hapag-Lloyd was the only company who provided container service out of Lewiston. Those containers usually carry shipments of local peas and lentils. Several local companies are now forced to look at other ways to ship their product.

Maviga is a commodity business based in Spokane. Although the Port of Lewiston is more than 100-miles away, what has been happening there and at the Port of Portland has had a big impact on their business.

“It’s a huge issue for us,” said Maviga President Michael Quann.

In April, Hapag-Lloyd announced plans to leave the Port of Portland after a fallout caused by issues with longshoremen there.

Hapag-Lloyd’s departure has had a huge impact. Officials at the Port of Lewiston told KREM 2 News that the shutdown will have a half-million dollar impact there, but that is nothing to how much it will impact others in the Agriculture Industry.

“That expense will be absorbed by everyone along the chain,” said Quann.

Maviga buys lentils, peas, and garbanzo beans from processors. They supply those goods to packers and canners around the world. Up until now, all of their shipments from the Inland Northwest left through Lewiston.

Quann said his shipping costs will now double.

While he is feeling the brunt of it now, he said it will not be long until producers feel it as well.

“It will trickle down to the farmer, eventually,” said Quann.

Maviga will now use semi trucks to ship their goods to ports in both Seattle and Tacoma. They hope to ship on railways as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]