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It is the policy of the Port of Lewiston, an Idaho Municipal Corporation, that no person shall do any of the following activities on Port property without prior authorization from the Port Manager:

  1. Trespass on or through Port property.
  2. Possess or consume beer, wine, liquor or other intoxicating beverage.
  3. Possess or consume any illegal controlled substance.
  4. Swim, bathe, or wade in any water or waterways so as to impede Port operation.
  5. Set up tents, shacks, or other temporary shelter for the purpose of living or camping.
  6. Make or maintain a fire, campfire or barbecue.
  7. Participate in the playing of any games or ride horses or other animals.
  8. Offer for sale any article or thing, nor station or place in a stand, cart, or vehicle for the transportation, sale or display of any article or thing.
  9. Distribute, leave, or throw any advertising material or give away or otherwise distribute for advertising purposes any goods or wares within any Port property.
  10. Paste, glue, tack, or otherwise post any signs, advertisements, or inscriptions whatever, except as may be authorized by the Port Manager.
  11. Ride or drive a vehicle at a rate of speed exceeding fifteen (15) miles per hour, except where another speed is properly posted.
  12. Drive any vehicle on any area except paved roads or parking areas, except as may be otherwise designated by the Port Manager.
  13. Park a vehicle in other than established or designated parking area.

Policy approved on August 9, 2017, effective immediately.

Port Property Use Policy

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