Harry Wall Industrial Park

Located adjacent to the Northport property, with immediate access to river, road and rail transportation options, this park is ideal for heavy industrial operations.

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Currently the Port is focusing development efforts on opportunities within the Harry Wall Industrial Park. This site originally included 117 acres that was purchased in 1986. In 2001, the Port acquired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approximately 13 acres of Clearwater River riverfront property named in this report the “Confluence Riverfront” property. In 2012 the Port purchased 26 acres of farm land north of the original Harry Wall property, termed herein the “Harry Wall North” property. Together these properties totaling approximately 156 acres make up what is called “Harry Wall” in this Master Plan.

The Harry Wall Industrial Park is located immediately adjacent to State Route 128, a direct transportation route to US 12 west of Clarkston, Washington and east of Lewiston, Idaho. It is also located immediately adjacent to the Northport property, making intermodal operations readily available.

Harry Wall Master Plan

Harry Wall’s master plan was created by TD&H Engineering in 2014. The plan covers available property, utilities and business development.

Close-By Facilities

Northport, located less than a mile from Harry Wall, facilities make it easy for Port shippers to route their products globally and still remain competitive in the marketplace.

  • Public Dock. The Port’s intermodal public dock provides easy access to river, road and rail shipping options.
  • Warehousing. Inland 465 Warehousing and Distribution operates the Port’s 150,000 square-foot distribution facility located adjacent to the Port of Lewiston container yard.
  • Grain Facilities. Grain shipments are the number one export leaving the Lower Granite Pool. Lewis-Clark Terminal, the privately-owned grain facility adjacent to the Port, has a combined storage capacity of 9 million bushels.

General Information

Acreage: 117 acres with approximately 35 available

Zoning: Light to Heavy Industrial Zoning

Infrastructure: Two-lane highway adjacent to property, water and wastewater treatment plant nearby

Utilities: Telephone, electricity, natural gas and cable TV


Highway: US 12, US 95 and State Route 128

Rail: Great Northwest Railroad/Watco shortline connecting to Union Pacific & Burlington Northern/Santa Fe)

Airport: Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport within 5 miles



Nez Perce County Jail

Broemeling Steel & Machine Inc.

PCS Company

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