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Tax Facts

100% of Property Tax Dollars are invested back into nez perce county

Tax dollars are used  to purchase and develop land, infrastructure and facilities, which all leads to activities that create jobs.

80% of the general election favored the creation of the port of lewiston

The Port was established in the 1958 general election.

The Port Invests $700,000 each year in Economic Development

Consisting of approximately $450,000 property tax revenue plus additional revenue generated through Port operations.

The Port's Property Tax Levy Rate Decreased by -64.3%

As demonstrated by the noted decrease, which occurred between 1990 and 2016, the Port has lessened the personal economic cost to residents.

The average Homeowner pays less than $16 per year in Property Taxes

Approximately 0.68% of annual property taxes paid by a City of Lewiston resident goes to the Port for economic development activities.

$1=$7.80 return on investment

Every $1 of tax payer investment creates $7.80 in local tax revenue through economic activities and entrepreneurial firms associated with the Port of Lewiston.*

The Port has created 2,136 Direct Jobs

These regional jobs are from firms and businesses associated with properties owned or developed by the Port of Lewiston.*

$686 Million in Direct Regional Spending

This figure is associated with direct jobs from firms and businesses associated with properties owned or developed by the Port of Lewiston.*

*Excerpts from a 2021 analysis of the Port of Lewiston’s economic impacts, completed by Professor Steven Peterson, University of Idaho.

The Port has been very helpful in the growth of our business and making my dream a reality. Having the support of a proactive landlord to give us the help we needed and having additional space to grow as we needed has been very instrumental in our success. Without the Port’s involvement, we would have been somewhat hamstrung renting an expensive small building bounded by its walls instead of realizing our dream."

– Glen Seekins, Seekins Precision