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“The strategic plan is a living document that articulates the vision of the Port commission. It serves as a tool providing guidance to Port staff and helps to inform the public about Port development activities.”- David Doeringsfeld, Port of Lewiston General Manager

Core Values

Economic Conduit: We will serve as a conduit for public/private investment and ideas to improve the economic stability of the region.

Fiscal Responsibility: The Port will manage public assets in a fiscally responsive manner.

Leadership: We will be an example of strong leadership for our community.

Partnerships: We will build and promote partnerships for the economic benefit of our communities.

Our Vision

A vision statement is a desired future state communicated in present tense. It serves as a destination point of where the Port wants to be in five years. What does the Port look like five years from now? How is it perceived? What is it focused on? The Port of Lewiston is a respected leader contributing to the region’s economic growth and vitality; a model of excellence for transportation, international trade, and job creation.

Our Mission

A mission statement describes an organization’s purpose and reason for existence. It shares what the Port engages in and how it carries out its work and services. The mission of the Port of Lewiston (Idaho’s only seaport) is to develop and manage assets and services that stimulate job creation and trade while entrusted with protecting the quality of life for its citizens.