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“The strategic plan is a living document that articulates the vision of the Port commission. It serves as a tool providing guidance to Port staff and helps to inform the public about Port development activities.”- David Doeringsfeld, Port of Lewiston General Manager

focus area: Economic Developement

To directly or indirectly provide a diversity of short and long-term economic development opportunities that improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Objective 1: Expand Business Incubator facility by end of FY2016.

Objective 2: Expand fiber optic network within the Port District by the end of FY2016.

Objective 3: Develop a master plan for the Harry Wall North property by end of FY2014.

Objective 4: Define economic opportunities for the acquisition and development of property and facilities on an annual basis.

Objective 5: Support and participate in waterfront/harbor improvement planning efforts.

Objective 6: Meet or exceed environmental standards in development and use of property and facilities.

Focus Area: International Trade

To become the international trade center for the region.

Objective 1: Provide a blueprint of services for customer access to global markets by August, 2014.

Objective 2: Pursue establishing an international trade zone over the next
5 years.

Objective 3: Partner with trade organizations to promote international commerce through the Columbia-Snake River System.

Focus Area: Multi-Modal Transportation

To create a dynamic regional transportation hub.

Objective 1: Annual container volume reaches 5,200 TEU within 3 years.

Objective 2: Allocate a minimum of $50,000 each year for marine transportation improvements.

Objective 3: Improve roads within Port property.

Objective 4: Develop a transportation plan to include regional transportation issues and Port transportation capital improvements.

Focus Area: Fiscal Responsibility

To maximize the benefit of Port assets in a transparent and accountable manner.

Objective 1: Disseminate financial information throughout Port District on an annual basis.

Objective 2: Review employee compensation packages on an annual basis.

Objective 3: Review Port leases at least once every 3 years and adjust to reflect market conditions.

Objective 4: Through an annual review, minimize property tax revenue portion of the budget while seeking to develop Port assets.

Objective 5: Review investment structure and strategies of capital reserves on an annual basis.

Objective 6: Create a 5-year Repair & Maintenance Capital Facilities
Improvement Plan (where value exceeds $50k)

Focus Area: Organization Development

To build an organizational culture that respects and supports its employees and enhances its role in the community.

Objective 1: Allocate funds for professional development and training on an annual basis.

Objective 2: Review staffing needs and responsibilities on an annual basis.

Objective 3: Develop a Marketing Plan to generate revenues, promote diversity of cargoes, publicity of programs, increase awareness of activities
and educate citizens on the Port’s role in economic development.

Objective 4: Complete a comprehensive review and update of the web site on an annual basis.

Objective 5: Host an inter-governmental forum on an annual basis.

After the adoption and initial implementation of this strategic plan, the Port will assess needs for the completion of future planning documents to include Marketing/Public Relations & Education Plan, Capital investment Plan and Transportation Plan.

Core Values

Economic Conduit: We will serve as a conduit for public/private investment and ideas to improve the economic stability of the region.

Fiscal Responsibility: The Port will manage public assets in a fiscally responsive manner.

Leadership: We will be an example of strong leadership for our community.

Partnerships: We will build and promote partnerships for the economic benefit of our communities.

Our Vision

A vision statement is a desired future state communicated in present tense. It serves as a destination point of where the Port wants to be in five years. What does the Port look like five years from now? How is it perceived? What is it focused on? The Port of Lewiston is a respected leader contributing to the region’s economic growth and vitality; a model of excellence for transportation, international trade, and job creation.

Our Mission

A mission statement describes an organization’s purpose and reason for existence. It shares what the Port engages in and how it carries out its work and services. The mission of the Port of Lewiston (Idaho’s only seaport) is to develop and manage assets and services that stimulate job creation and trade while entrusted with protecting the quality of life for its citizens.


Intermodal Transportation

Objective 1 : Expand break-bulk costumer base and activity.

  1. Identify and personally contact logistics firms approximately every six months. Initiate by December 2014.
  2. Identify trade shows and industry conferences in potential markets, and create annual calendar to plan for staff and/or commissioner attendance at a minimum of two trade shows annually. Initiate by December 2014.
  3. Identify and meet with partner agencies and organizations for the development and expansion of shipping opportunities, including cooperative activities.
  4. Advocate for efficient transportation routes (river, rail and road). Educate shippers concerning current limitations to oversized cargo on regional highways.

Objective 2 : Increase container customer base and volume by 10% by December 2015.

  1. Maintain routine contact with customer base to improve customer relations, sharing the value and benefit of choosing the Port of Lewiston. Develop/expand staff marketing skills and responsibilities and schedule personal visits to customer sites; minimum 3x annually.
  2. Maintain routine contact with steamship lines by scheduling personal visits a minimum of 2x annually.
  3. Identify and meet with partner agencies and organizations for the development and expansion of shipping opportunities including cooperative activities.
  4. Advocate for efficiency of transportation routes (river, rail and road).
  5. Identify trade shows and industry conferences and create annual calendar to plan for staff and/or commissioner attendance. Initiate by December 2014.
  6. Assist customers with their export/import transportation options with ongoing improvements to resource information on the Port website.

Economic Development

Objective 1 : Maximize utilization of Port properties and facilities to promote business development.

  1. Support and prioritize funding of infrastructure improvements through annual budgeting process.
  2. Increase communication with a provide marketing tools to real estate professionals and recruitment and expansion partners (i.e. Valley Vision and CEDA) to educate and inform about attributes of Port properties and facilities. Complete by December 2015.
  3. Support existing tenants with expansion needs and promotional activities.
  4. Provide start-ups with direction to planning and funding resources.

Objective 2 : Support business development in the Port District.

  1. Provide assistance and information resources in the areas of transportation options and business expansion needs.
  2. Actively partner with local economic development organizations (i.e. Valley Vision and CEDA) to support local business and industry development.


Objective 1 : Engage in outreach activities to increase awareness of the Port’s role in economic development and international trade.

  1. Actively encourage (request) placement on speakers’ bureau lists for regional organizations and agencies.
  2. Improve cross-communication channels with local governmental entities, including attendance at meetings and providing updates/reports. Designate staff/commissioner assignments by February 2015.
  3. Improve cross-communication with Pacific Northwest ports including meeting attendance and/or electronic communications.
  4. Increase attendance and participation at state-level governmental and Idaho trade organization meetings and events.
  5. Support professional development and training of staff to participate as representatives in outreach activities.
  6. Enhance Port marketing materials including web, video, print and other mediums.

Objective 2 : Improve public access to Port information.

  1. Improve website to be more user-friendly and expand content.
  2. Create and link electronic files of minutes, planning documents and other data.

Marketing plan

Download a print-friendly version of our marketing plan.