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Because the Port of Lewiston is at the end of the navigable Columbia Snake River System, it acts as a natural funnel for commodities originating in or destined for the interior Pacific Northwest states and Canada.  This allows the Columbia Snake River System to be the best competitive option, logistically, for industries choosing from national transportation routes.  We want your business!

Cargoes importing or exporting from the Port of Portland or Port of Vancouver utilize the Columbia Snake River System option by navigating through 8 locks and dams, traveling 465 river miles over an average three-day period.  The Port of Lewiston has connected customers to over 32 countries worldwide, handled a diverse range of containerized, specialty, roll on/roll off and break bulk cargoes, and recently extended its dock to 275-feet.

Strategically located to expand U.S. import and export opportunities while contributing to the long-term economic competitiveness of the United States, the Columbia Snake River System is part of  America’s Marine Highway Corridors supporting  sound economic, safety and environmental benefit.

Container on barge service is temporarily suspended. However, starting in Jan. 2018, the Port of Portland announced that Swire Shipping will begin offering container and general cargo service at the port’s Terminal 6. Hopefully, the resumption of container steamship service will lead to the return of container on barge service on the Columbia-Snake River System. To inquire about container shipping status, contact Kim, Port of Lewiston Container Yard Manager, at (208) 743-3209.

Before major steamship lines stopped calling the Port of Portland in April 2015, the Port of Lewiston was one of the primary inland export terminals for containerized wheat, peas and lentils on the West Coast. Agricultural products came from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Canada. The Port of Lewiston is still capable of moving break bulk and specialty cargoes.

Bulk grain shipments continue to move through the Port. The privately-owned Lewis-Clark Terminal (grain facility adjacent to the Port of Lewiston) handled an average of 22,500,000 bushels of grain over the past three years.

Forty percent of U.S. wheat exports are handled on the  Columbia Snake River System.

SPECIALTY/Oversize Cargo

The Port provides the furthest inland option for heavy lift, roll on/roll off and warehousing options.


To view details and rates for products and services at the Port of Lewiston.


Port waterfront property allows for shipments of a variety of break bulk commodities, with the capability of moving products directly from barge to storage or truck.


A monthly and year-to-date shipping summary.



  • Longitude and latitude: 46.146N, 117.016W
  • Navigable end of the Columbia-Snake River System, 465 river miles inland from Portland/Vancouver
  • 745 feet above sea level


  • 250-ton Manitowoc 4100 Series 2 Lift Crane
  • 120-foot boom
  • Picking limits – 193,000 lbs at 32-feet (max pick off a river barge), 140,000 lbs at 40-feet, 103,000 lbs at 50-feet, 81,000 lbs at 60-feet.
  • Indoor Storage
  • 20,000 sf Dockside warehouse for cross docking
  • 150,000 sf secure, full service warehouse—Inland 465


  • Dockside security cameras and lighting


  • Certified crane operators
  • Non-union

Navigation Channel

  • 14 foot deep navigation channel
  • 50 barging hours between Port of Portland/Vancouver and Port of Lewiston


  • 275 Linear Feet
  • 35-Ton per axle weight
  • Water Elevation: Operating Pool between 733’ and 738’

Outdoor Storage

  • Approximately 20 acres available adjacent to dock facilities
  • Additional on-site mooring dolphins to service multiple barges


  • The Port’s location next to US Highway 12 allows to direct link to markets in Montana.
  • The Port’s proximity to US Highway 95 allows for links to Boise, Idaho, and US-84 to the South, and Spokane, Washington and US-90 to the North.



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