Idaho wheat growers will help host a Chinese wheat team in Lewiston, June 25-28, Idaho Wheat Commission release

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June 21, 2017

Contact: Tereasa Waterman (208) 334-2353
Idaho Wheat Commission

(BOISE, ID) – Idaho wheat growers will help host a Chinese wheat team in Lewiston, Idaho June 25-28.  This team is sponsored by U.S. Wheat Associates, working on behalf of Idaho wheat growers.  Team members are part of a selected group of top Chinese buyers to participate in a Contracting For Wheat Value (CFWV) workshop hosted by Portland, Oregon based Wheat Marketing Center (WMC). 

While in Lewiston, the team will be provided a tour of Lewis/Clark Terminal and Columbia Grain Monday, June 26. The team will also visit Idaho wheat grower and Commissioner Bill Flory’s farm in Winchester, Idaho.  The team will learn about cropping systems and wheat quality during their farm tour.   “Our goal is to showcase Idaho’s wheat production, and the care taken by farmers to deliver a safe healthy product using environmentally sustainable production practices,” said Flory. 

Last year, China was the fourth largest buyer of U.S. wheat. They were the second largest market for Hard Red Spring wheat, second only to the Philippines and ahead of Japan.  While China is self-sufficient in wheat production, its milling companies are buying U.S. wheat because of the high quality and superior functional protein.  China is also buying Soft White wheat grown in northern Idaho, using it in the production of high quality Western Style sponge cakes and cookies. 

Last year, China purchased 233,700 MT (8,586,138 bushels) of Soft White wheat, making it the tenth largest market.   As more Chinese consumers enter the middle-class, they are demanding a wider variety of Western Style foods creating demand for superior quality wheat.  The Contracting For Wheat Value workshop will help these buyers identify wheat quality and realize the full economic value.

This group will learn more about the PNW’s highly developed supply chain and inland logistics that make on-time delivery possible at competitive prices. The Pacific Northwest is a major wheat exporting region because of the competitive modes of transportation that move grain to market.  Approximately 60% of Idaho and Washington wheat is shipped by barge utilizing the Columbia/Snake river system.

Barges are more fuel efficient and are able to move grain at a more competitive price which keeps rail rates in check.  For Soft White wheat grown in eastern Washington State and northern Idaho, the upper Snake River and Lewiston are key collection points for wheat as it moves down river to market.

The team will also learn more about Idaho’s wheat varieties at the Parker Farm Field Day on Tuesday, June 27.  After the field day the team will meet with the University of Idaho’s Molecular Geneticist Dr. Daolin Fu.  For more information, contact (Tereasa Waterman 208-334-2353 or [email protected]).

Team Members:

  • MA, Zhiqiang, Manager, Xiamen Mingsui Grains & Oils Co., Ltd., Beijing Office Guangdong
  • LU, Min, Quality Control Planning Officer, Technology Dept., Zhaoqing Four Gardener Flour Co., Ltd.
  • YAN, Bingbing (Joyce), Department of Purchasing Business, Zhaoqing Four Gardener Flour Co., Ltd.
  • LIANG, Yaping, Logistics Department Manager, Shenzhen Four Gardener Grain Co., Ltd.
  • WANG, Qiyi, Vice President, Hebei Gu Feng Yuan Food Co., Ltd.
  • FAN, Huimin, R&D Department Vice Manager, Hebei Gu Feng Yuan Food Co., Ltd.
  • LI, Hongjuan, Financial Manager, Hebei Gu Feng Yuan Food Co., Ltd.
  • Jeff COEY, Assistant Regional Vice President, USW Hong
  • Janice COOPER, Managing Director Wheat Marketing Center
  • LU, Lu (Shirley) Marketing Specialist, USW Hong Kong     

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