Tiger IV Grant | Port of Lewiston

Tiger IV Grant

US Sen. Risch, Former US Secretary of Transportation Lahood, Idaho Gov. Otter and US Sen. Crapo visited the Port of Lewiston to celebrate reception of the Tiger Grant.

Dock extension provided important community asset

In 2012, the Port of Lewiston was awarded a $1.3 million Tiger IV Discretionary Grant from the US Department of Transportation to complete the final construction phase of a 150-ft. dock extension, mooring dolphin and fender system.

Thanks to this grant, the Port of Lewiston’s dock is 275 linear feet in length and can accommodate heavy roll-on/roll-off cargoes in addition to heavy pick cargoes.

The addition of this infrastructure has provided an important asset for the Port of Lewiston – Idaho’s only seaport and the farthest inland seaport on the West coast. It has enabled the Port to move heavy cargoes and provides a transportation option for existing and potential businesses.


Dock Extension – December 2013