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Grain Facilities

“LCT and our farm families are proud to be a partner with the Port of Lewiston.”

-Arvid Lyons, former manager of LCT (retired 2016)

Lewis Clark Terminal

1534 3rd Avenue North
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
208.746.5531 (fax)

Manager: Scott Zuger

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Grain shipments are the number one export leaving the Lower Granite Pool. Lewis-Clark Terminal owns the grain facility adjacent to the Port of Lewiston. LCT has a combined storage capacity of 9 million bushels.

LCT is owned by CHS Primeland, Pacific Northwest Farmers Coop and Uniontown Coop. LCT is a cooperative of 2,000+ grain growers who farm over 17,000 square miles in Palouse and Camas Prairie areas and deliver their grain to over 40 county elevators.  That grain is then delivered to LCT terminals at the Ports of Lewiston and Clarkston throughout the year, where it is marketed to export companies and delivered to foreign and overseas buyers.

Since 1975 valley grain terminals have shipped over 1.5 billion bushels returning an estimated $8 billion dollars back to the local and surrounding communities.

The 3-year total of bushels handled at LCT (2012-2014) was the largest in the company’s history.  The average amount of grain handled annually during that time period was 22,500,000 bu, according to Arvid Lyons, who was LCT’s manager at the time. Shipments from 2015 and 2016 were also near that number in terms of bushels.

For more information on historic wheat shipments.

Terminal Facts (2014)

  • 2012-2014 Average annually handled grain is 22,500,000 bu (largest in history)
  • 7.5 million bushels of storage
  • 90+ bins 120′ tall (8 bins at 250,000 bu) 200′ tall legs
  • 3 barge loading berths at 30,000 bu/hr (barge 240′ x 42′)
  • 5 unload pits (3 at 15,000 b7/hr, 2 at 8,000 bu/hr)
  • Harvest unloading: 370+ tks/day, 6,200 tks/August, 22,000 tks/annually
  • Tri-State Grain Inspection on site (Federally compliant grain inspection lab)

Barge Facts (2014)

  • 60% of Washington and Idaho wheat is shipped by barge
  • 5 hours to load 3,000 ton (100,000 bu) barge = 100 truck loads
  • 14′ depth river channel
  • 13′ 6″ max barge depth
  • 50 hours to Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA passing through 8 locks
  • Barges have 1/3 less emissions than rail and 1/5 less emissions than trucks

Wheat Facts (2014)

  • 40% of the US wheat is handled on the Columbia/Snake River System
  • 1/3 of Pacific Northwest Wheat exports come from the Snake River Terminal
  • 90% of Pacific Northwest Wheat is exported
  • Washington is #6 in wheat production
  • Idaho is #1 in dry land wheat yields
  • One bushel has approximately 1 million kernels = 70 loaves of bread
  • Growers receive approximately 5 cents per loaf of bread sold in stores
  • US Consumers use over 3 million bushels of wheat each day