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FedEx Ground: A Port Success Story

In 2013, the Port of Lewiston’s Harry Wall Industrial Park welcomed FedEx Ground.

The Port of Lewiston sold approximately seven acres to Westmoreland Company, Inc. in October of 2012. The company developed and leased the property to FedEx Ground, which currently employs approximately 75 employees.

According to a Lewiston Tribune news article published in October 2012, FedEx Ground closed its Clarkston location and moved jobs from there to the new Lewiston location. The new, larger location and customer demand in the region has allowed the company to expand.

FedEx Ground chose the site in Harry Wall Industrial Park because of its proximity to major highways, customers’ distribution centers and potential employees, according to the news article.

FedEx Ground is an example of the Port of Lewiston turning undeveloped land generating little tax revenue into privately-owned land, generating optimal tax revenue and supporting businesses that provide local jobs.

The Port utilizes property tax dollars to invest in property and economic development. One hundred percent of property tax dollars are invested back into Nez Perce County in this way. Funds are used to purchase and develop land, infrastructure and facilities – activities that create jobs.

Steven Peterson, research economist and clinical assistant professor at the University of Idaho, recently completed an economic impact analysis for the Port of Lewiston and found that firms and businesses associated with properties owned or developed by the Port provide 1,840 direct jobs in the region, which equates to roughly $390 million in direct regional spending. With the multiplier effect (total impacts including direct, indirect and induced), those numbers grow to 2,736 jobs and $503 million in regional spending.

Other examples of firms and businesses associated with the Port’s business development activities include:

The Port of Lewiston is proud to have a strong history of supporting job growth in our region and we will continue to invest in projects we believe will grow jobs and improve the quality of life for residents.

“I had the pleasure of working with the Port of Lewiston on the construction of a commercial package handling facility built for our third party client. At the beginning of the project, there were immediate challenges that our firm faced which required close coordination and interaction with the Port to resolve. The Port of Lewiston’s staff was instrumental in assisting our needs and the needs of our client to help resolve these issues in a timely manner as to not hinder the project’s progress and aggressive timeline. Additionally, these efforts were continued throughout the end of the project to insure the timely extension of the public roadway servicing the property. Throughout the project, our firm has enjoyed working with the Port of Lewiston to provide a quality facility for our client.”

– Kip Cockrell, The Westmoreland Company, Inc.