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Port of Lewiston Economic Impacts

A recent study highlights the positive impacts the Port of Lewiston’s economic development activities have on the local economy.

The Port invests 100% of property taxes, plus revenue generated from general port operations back into Nez Perce County to purchase and develop land, infrastructure and facilities – activities to create jobs.

Steven Peterson, research economist and clinical assistant professor with the University of Idaho, completed an October 2014 study that helps taxpayers see their return on investment from the Port of Lewiston.

Did you know?

  • Every $1 of taxpayer investment creates $8.80 in local tax revenue through economic activities and entrepreneurial firms associated with the Port.
  • 1,840 direct jobs are in the region from firms and businesses associated with properties owned or developed by the Port.
  • There is approximately $390 million in direct regional spending associated with direct jobs.